Hackers Steal Nearly Every Bulgarian Adult’s Personal Records

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Hackers Steal Nearly Every Bulgarian Adult’s Personal Records

The breach of servers at the Bulgarian tax agency happened at the end of June and an official there said it was probably carried out from abroad. A person claiming to be a Russian hacker emailed local media this month offering access to the stolen data.


The reason for the attack was not immediately clear. But the email’s author, who described the government as corrupt, said hackers had compromised more than 110 databases, including “critically confidential” information from key administrations, some of which was being offered to journalists.


Finance Minister Vladislav Goranov said about 3% of the agency’s database was affected, involving millions of records in the nation of seven million, though the leaked information was not classified and did not endanger financial stability.


The purported hacker’s email, seen by Reuters and sent from a Russian email address, said more than 5 million Bulgarian and foreign citizens as well as companies were affected.

This is one example of recent multinational cyber threats that could affect taxpayer data.  Although this was the result of unauthorized users accessing government systems, you as an individual are a target as well for fraudsters.  It is important that you remain vigilant in safeguarding your personal information at all times.

Source:  www.reuters.com