Regulator Compliance







Regulatory Compliance

As part of our unique experience with the water utility and school tuition organization industries, we assist our clients in several compliance areas in addition to general tax compliance. We assist many of our water utility clients with preparing annual reports to the Arizona Corporation Commission and the Arizona Department of Revenue. Our smaller school tuition organization (STO) clients are required to have an agreed-upon procedures engagement performed annually to determine if they are in compliance with STO rules and regulations.

We also have worked on several large one-time projects to assist clients with their unusual regulatory needs. These projects usually stemmed from specific requests from a regulatory agency, but the agency was not sure how to establish the engagement. We assisted both the client and the regulatory body with creating agreed-upon procedures to meet the needs of the engagement. Our experience with creating the agreed-upon procedures to satisfy the unusual request from a regulator means we may be able to assist if you have a unique regulatory need. Please give us a call so we can discuss your situation to see if we can tailor an engagement to fit your needs.